A Story That Had to be Told: Natick Artist’s Book for Children and Adults

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June, 2020
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Natick artist Janis Luedke has recently ventured into the world of books for children. Luedke recently self-published “The Hearts That Fell Out of the Sky,” a 38-page book for ages 3-8. The story, written and illustrated by Luedke, is about the Heart Heads, who, from their distant planet, hear of great turmoil on Earth. They venture here on a special mission to remedy the situation, equipped with armloads of red hearts.
Through their adventures, they teach us a valuable lesson about living in our hearts.
The Heart Heads were inspired by an art workshop that Luedke attended in Mexico in 2017. In one quick exercise, the instructor showed the students how to create an abstract person by drawing a circle on top of a carrot. Luedke eventually found herself replacing the circle with a heart, and thus the Heart Heads were born. From that image, she created all sorts of whimsical illustrations, such as Heart Heads wearing plaid suits or driving a convertible on Rt. 66, and eventually leading to the story of their visit to Earth.
Besides painting the illustrations for this book, Luedke has created a body of “Heart Art,” abstract acrylic and paper collages on canvas to accompany the book, and to be shown at her eventual book opening when people can once again socialize.
“This is an inspiring story for children and adults that is appropriate to our times of political turbulence and COVID. It was a story which, when it came to me, had to be told,” she said. The book is available through Amazon.com, www.Silverstreetmedia.com, or from the author, at [email protected].