Fallon-Comeau Selected to Coach KP Softball Team

Ken Hamwey Staff Sports Writer
Photo by Ryan Lanigan. 
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November, 2019
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A familiar face with a familiar name is the new softball coach at King Philip Regional.
Kate Fallon-Comeau, who directed Franklin High’s softball team for the last nine years, has been chosen to replace Norm Beauchemin, who led the Warriors to seven tournament berths and a State championship in 2016.
During her tenure at Franklin, Fallon-Comeau guided the Panthers to seven playoff berths, and although the deepest advance Franklin managed was an appearance in the Division 1 South Sectional semifinal, Fallon-Comeau’s squads could never be taken lightly. Franklin eliminated the tourney’s No. 2 seed twice in consecutive years.
“My top thrill was facing Sandwich one year and Silver Lake the next,’’ she recalled. “They both were seeded second but we knocked them out of the playoffs. The credit, however, goes to Franklin’s players. They worked hard, came to play and always strived to improve.’’
Fallon-Comeau is acutely aware that at KP she’ll be coaching one of the premier programs in the state. The Warriors have won three State championships in a seven-year span (2010-2016).
“There’s always pressure when you coach and I know there are high expectations at KP,’’ she said. “That was also true in Franklin. KP is a good situation and it’ll be hard work that will get results. KP’s program is one of the best in the state. A lot of talent was developed over the years and I’m honored and humbled to have been selected.’’
Fallon-Comeau, who also coached Southeastern Regional’s softball varsity for four years, emphasized that leaving Franklin wasn’t easy and she lauded everyone that played a role for the Panthers.
“After nine wonderful seasons at Franklin, I gave it a lot of thought before taking the KP job,’’ Fallon-Comeau said in a statement to her team. “I was fortunate to work with incredible players, parents and coaches. I loved every minute of it. Saying goodbye to my returning players is very difficult but I know they’ll move on and do well. Franklin High will always hold a special place in my heart.’’
Fallon-Comeau’s goals at KP reflect a desire to maintain the top-caliber play Warrior fans are accustomed to. “We want to continue the great tradition of the past,’’ she noted. “Going deep in the tourney is another goal and at some point we want to win a Sectional and State championship.’’
There shouldn’t be many roadblocks or detours to achieving those objectives, primarily because of the attributes that Fallon-Comeau prefers when assembling a roster.
“Some of the characteristics I look for are a high softball IQ, athleticism, technique, and leadership,’’ said Fallon-Comeau. “Other keys are having players who are fundamentally sound, accountable, coachable and responsible.’’
Softball candidates will discover early on that their new coach will challenge them “to be the best athletes they can be and also to be the best person they can be.’’ And, they’ll benefit from Fallon-Comeau’s patience and her teacher-first approach as a softball instructor.
On the field, Fallon-Comeau wants balance. Defense, hitting and pitching all carry a high priority. “Balance is important,’’ she said, “and so, too, is teamwork. The players will know their roles and they’ll know that their contributions are important.’’
Hired in late August, Fallon-Comeau didn’t get an opportunity to meet potential players but she did connect with her three captains — Liliana Rolfe, Destiny Goyco and Grace Kelly. The coach and her leadership team seemed to strike a positive chord. “They’re excited to go to work,’’ Fallon-Comeau said. “I was impressed with them and got good vibes. Their leadership should be a big plus.’’
When Fallon-Comeau played softball, her ability and leadership took her a long way. She was a Hockomock League all-star pitcher at Mansfield High, and at Curry College she was dominant as a pitcher and catcher. She was the Commonwealth Coast Conference’s Rookie of the Year and later became a two-time league all-star. She helped Curry set a school record that still stands — 44 victories in a season.
An education major, she coached the Cardinal Spellman jayvee volleyball team for four years and also directed Spellman’s jayvee softball team for a season. Both those coaching tenures occurred while she was a Curry College undergraduate.
After graduation, Fallon-Comeau was hired as a physical education instructor at Southeastern Regional in Easton where she coached the softball team. After seven years on the Southeastern faculty, she was hired in 2014 to teach phys-ed in the Brockton school system.
Calling Dave Lewery, the Taunton High softball coach for the last 20 years, “a quality mentor’’ for his sound advice and for his ability to get outstanding results, Fallon-Comeau should experience a smooth transition since she’ll still be coaching in the Hockomock League. “I hope it’s smooth,’’ she said. “I know the league, the teams and the coaches. It’s a very competitive conference where softball is taken seriously.’’
When the winter rolls around and softball sign-ups are held as that season gives way to spring, Fallon-Comeau likely will have met most of her prospective candidates. The players and the coach no doubt will be eager to get started. The intensity level will be high and so will expectations — because at KP softball is a way of life.
Kate Fallon-Comeau wouldn’t want it any other way.