Chamber Music Concert Series Starts this Month

Grace Allen
Issue Date: 
November, 2019
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Local music lovers can rejoice as the Federated Church of Norfolk’s popular chamber music concert series returns this month for the third year in a row.
Under the direction of Daniel Dickson, the goal of the concert series is to expose families to high-caliber music at a reasonable price point while providing Boston musicians a place to play.
According to Dickson, the first year the concert series focused on the classical genre, while in the second year the series presented a variety of ensembles.

“We’re really trying to push the boundaries of what people know,” he explained. “This year we’re planning on doing some music that’s a little bit more modern, with music that was written in the last few years. We want to give people a sense of what’s out there, and to help them connect the dots of how music from Brahms and Beethoven has evolved to the music of today.”
The concert series has been such a success that the number of concerts has been increased to seven this year.
Dickson, a world-class classical pianist and cellist, served as the church’s music director until this past June, when he stepped down due to other responsibilities and class work at Boston University, where he is a candidate in the Doctorate of Music program.
He is now the Artist-in-Residence at the church, and is tasked with putting together the repertoire and assembling the musicians for each concert. Once a month, he also assists the church’s new music director, Todor Stoinov, with music during church services. Stoinov is the director of Ivy Music Academy in Norfolk.
The 26-year-old Dickson, who has performed all over the world, is scheduled to play in six of the seven concerts in the series.
He also finds time to play with the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra.
“It’s been an incredible experience for me, being one of the younger members in the symphony,” he said. “It’s amazing being around these legends. These are the people you dream about playing with when you’re really young.”

Dickson says the Federated Church’s concert series has been well-received in Norfolk. Although the concerts take place in a church, people from all backgrounds can enjoy a world-class evening of music, something that is very important to him.
“There’s so much good music out there and having a chance to perform for a hungry audience is every musician’s dream.”
So head down to the Federated Church to hear chamber music at its finest. Visit the Federated Church’s website at for more information.