2019 Summer Band Concerts

Hopedale Town Park Wednesdays 7-9pm
Rain dates on Thursdays
June 19 Family Fun Night
June 26 Mahrud...

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The Honor of a Lifetime: Hopedale’s Flag Day

The two chairs sat side-by-side, draped with banners that read “America.” But one of the chairs was empty. Only a portrait of a couple rested on...

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Alumni Award $81,000 in Scholarships

The Hopedale High School Alumni Association presented 25 scholarships totaling more than $51,000 at the Class of 2019 graduation ceremony on June...

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Leading with Pride

Students of Hopedale Junior-Senior High School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance were honored to lead the Boston Pride Parade on Saturday, June 8....

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Ridolfi’s Looks Ahead After 1st Year as Hopedale High’s A.D.

When Stephanie Ridolfi became Hopedale High’s athletic director a year ago, her goals were to sustain the school’s success and to build on it. After eight Dual Valley Conference championships and a plethora of appearances in post-season tournaments, it was mission...

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Matt Constanza, Hopedale High School to St. Michaels

It all began around the age of five or six when Matt Constanza decided to join the Hopedale summer tennis program. After playing in the program for a few years he decided to take his game to the next level and started joining club teams like the Adirondak Club in Franklin,...

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Hopedale Netmen, Softball Squad Bow In State Tournament

The Hopedale High boys tennis team started its season with three specific goals for the 2019 season — win the Dual Valley Conference title; capture the Division 3 Central Sectional championship; and win the State crown.
Two out of three isn’t shabby but a trace of...

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