Young Entrepreneurs Meld Talents to Form 3D Printing Business

Cynthia Whitty
Issue Date: 
December, 2017
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Spencer Lezin (17), Andrew Bay (18) and Matthew Orser (17), all seniors at Ashland High School, were among the attendees at a recent town ‘meet and greet’ for local business owners. The students were there to promote their new business, 3D Presto. Pointing to Lezin, Bay and Orser said emphatically that he was the spokesperson for their team.
“Our business idea came about when Andrew suggested over dinner the idea of forming a business with me,” Lezin said. “When we got Matt aboard, we all brainstormed ideas, until I decided the best way to take advantage of all of our skills was to start a business in 3D printing.”
Lezin described his role as keeping customers satisfied and as a negotiator; Bay is the financial record keeper and estimator; and Orser operates the 3D printers.
“We all share an interest in the evolving technology and industry that is 3D printing, on top of a general interest in the advancement of technology as a whole,” Lezin said.
“Our business, 3D Presto, makes custom-made home, office and school supplies and assorted ornaments, all printed right here in Ashland using our own 3D printers.” Lezin explained. “3D printing itself is a process that takes material, plastic filament for example, and using specialized 3D modeling software, prints out the model in three dimensions using whatever material is selected.”
“Currently, we advertise through listings on different search engines, such as Google, promote ourselves on social media, and network with other businesses and through friends and family. We plan to expand our advertising soon through crowdfunding sources, such as GoFundMe, physical advertisements, such as flyers, and selling some of our products at stores and various town events,” Lezin said. “Our plans for the business include continuing to grow and expand our 3D printing capabilities. 3D printing is a growing and evolving industry, and we intend to continue growing and evolving with it by gaining access to new technology, like metal 3D and polymer 3D printing, on top of expanding the range of our services to other areas, such custom automotive parts and custom medical parts.”
Lezin said he speaks for the team in that they believe “making custom supplies is simply the beginning of a great opportunity and boundless potential.”
The company’s website,, describes the team and how to order products. To contact them for business inquiries, email [email protected] and for general questions or comments, email [email protected].
“We look forward to continuing our growth and providing quality service for our customers,” Lezin said.