Wrentham Stars Ready to Put on Their Dancing Shoes for 2020 Fundraiser

Anne Parker
The dance contestants, from left: Kevin Martes, Jennifer Marshalsea, Brian Lee, Cristine McCombs, Lenny Hensas Jr., and Chandler Ross.
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February, 2020
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Six members of the Wrentham community will put on their dancing shoes to raise money for charity as they gear up for a new season of Dancing with the Wrentham Stars.
This year’s fundraiser is set for Friday, March 27 from 7 p.m. to midnight at Lake Pearl Wrentham, 299 Creek Street.
Tickets will go on sale February 8 at the Gavel Public House, 36 South Street, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The $55 ticket price includes appetizers, dessert, coffee and tea. A cash bar is also offered. Following the competition, there will be a DJ and dancing for all, plus games, raffles and activities.
Dancing with the Wrentham Stars gets more streamlined every year, said Kate Anderson, director of Wrentham Community Events, the organizer. The event is now held every two years. It has been well received and usually has a waiting list to attend.
The fundraiser has been going strong since its initiation in 2013.
“In 2018 we raised over $110,000 donated directly to our partner organizations,” said Anderson in an email. “Over 5 events, we have donated more than $400,000 to Wrentham organizations and we hope to exceed the half a million mark with this year’s event,” she added.
In addition to raising money for local charities, people love this night and look forward to it, Anderson said. It’s a great chance to socialize with others you don’t see often. “It’s not just the people you see every day. It’s the whole town and the King Philip community,” she added.
Six dance contestants each represent a charity that serves the people of Wrentham. They dance with a professional instructor who they have practiced with for months. The pairs will dance their hearts out, hoping to gain as many votes and funds as possible for the charity they dance for. Each vote is a dollar raised.
The star with the most votes by the night of the event wins the People’s Choice Award. The star with the highest marks from the judges wins the Judges’ Choice Award.
Meet the Dancers:
Lenny Hensas, Jr. lives in Wrentham with his wife Joanne. He is a healthcare professional, and has been on the medical staff of the New England Patriots for the past 20 years. Hensas and his wife have five children, eight grandchildren and two dogs. He and his dance instructor, Vitalija Tyrnova, will dance for Gilly’s House.
Brian Lee lives in Norfolk with his wife Colleen, their two children, a dog and two cats. He is the head coach of the King Philip Regional High School football team, and also teaches physical education at the school. Coach Lee will dance to benefit the King Philip Boosters with his instructor Allie O’Hara.
Jennifer Marshalsea lives in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with her sister. She is the General Manager of the Red Rooster Bar and Grill on Route 1 in Wrentham. Marshalsea’s dance instructor is Lewis Inman. She will be dancing for the Wrentham Food Pantry.
Kevin Martes lives in Rumford, Rhode Island with his wife, their daughter and their dog. He is the principal of the Roderick Elementary School. Martes will dance with instructor Michelle Fox for the benefit of the Roderick Playground Fund.
Cristine McCombs has lived in Wrentham for 23 years. She has two sons, and works in emergency management consulting. Her instructor is Tomas Vasicek and she will dance to benefit the Friends of Wrentham, which focuses on supporting the needs of the residents of the Wrentham Developmental Center.
Chandler Ross is a lifelong resident of Wrentham, and works in the family business, Ross Funeral Home. She will be dancing with instructor Andriy Vitenko and will raise funds for the Holly Club of Wrentham, which supports many local programs, as well as providing scholarships to graduating high school seniors and assistance to veterans.
People can vote and donate to dancers and their cause during the event. Or vote prior to it. Visit the WCE website, at www.wce02093.org to donate.
It’s good for the community, organizations and participants. “You can tell the dancers and instructors are having fun. As they are dancing you can feel it,” Anderson added. “It’s nice to be raising fund for charities that are important to them.”