TVL Moms to Continue to Help Team Members in Crisis

Issue Date: 
May, 2019
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One evening in January, Ashland football mom, Beth Murphy, sent to a text to her good friend, a Medway football mom, Patty DerGarabedian, which said that one of their (Ashland) former football players was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was informed that he had 3-6 months to live. The news was crushing to both mothers who could relate to the pictures of Jake Silver, wearing his varsity football jacket, being posted on Facebook. Shortly thereafter, DerGarabedian replied to Murphy’s question of “What can we do?” with “I just wish we could get football players out in front of grocery stores with their football helmets to collect money for Jake’s bucket list. We could call it “fill the helmet”. And in that moment, the TVL Moms was created.
The two moms grew to four moms within days and within 12 days they became seven moms covering eight schools, raising over $18,000 for Jake’s bucket list. They also brought all of the football teams together for a breakfast prior to Jake’s memorial service in which all eight teams sat together in solidarity for their self-proclaimed “brother”.
“When there was nothing left for us to do for Jake, we decided that we weren’t ready to be done. We have everyone in place for the next crisis” said Murphy. DerGarabedian follows up with “We are a fierce group of moms. The kids know that the TVL moms get things done. It’s who we are.”
The TVL moms have continued their mission by putting together a plan to help other football players and their families within the TVL whenever a crisis occurs. They are also planning to give out an award each year, in honor of Jake Silver, to the TVL football player who demonstrates the ability to bring the community together.
The TVL moms are currently: Patty DerGarabedian (Medway, co-chair), Beth Murphy (Ashland/Millis, co-chair), Nicole Orser (Ashland, treasurer), Lori Imparato (Bellingham, secretary), Lynn Molinari (Millis), Kim Joline (Medfield), Jeanne Bernardin (Hopkinton). Do you know of a high school football team within the TVL who would like to join? Please contact Beth Murphy at [email protected].