Team Farm 2019 is Struttin It to Boston

Cynthia Whitty
Charlotte Fugere
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March, 2019
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Four Natick residents will be “Struttin It to Boston” in the April 15, 2019 Boston Marathon to raise money for the Natick Community Organic Farm (NCOF). The specific NCOF programs they will be supporting are: the Teen Work Crew, a program that teaches teens how to work the farm, learn new skills, problem solve, and become leaders; improvements to the farm’s sugar shack; and a new farm and sugaring curriculum for kindergarteners.
To donate to the team’s individual fundraising efforts, visit the Struttin’ It to Beantown campaign on or send checks to NCOF/Marathon, 117 Eliot St., Natick, MA 01760.
Meet the Team Farm 2019 runners:
Fugere is originally from Northford, Connecticut. She is “a stay-at-home-mama, who loves being active, whether outside with my kids or at the gym.” She has two boys, Theo (6) and Oli (3), husband, Kyle, and one cat, Lucas (13).
Running experiences: I’ve completed a couple half marathons and one full marathon pre-kids, so it’s been awhile. I’m part of the Natick Runners group, but sadly, I’m not the best social runner. I like listening to music to help refocus on other things. My favorite run ever was Disney World’s full marathon in 2012. Both my music and watch stopped working at the start line, but I managed to power through and finish. It wasn’t pretty, but it was magical!
What you are most excited about by running in this year’s Marathon: It’s Boston, what’s not to be excited about! The energy is intoxicating! Plus, I’m excited to support the Farm and all that it offers our community.
What you are not so excited about: I’m terrified of Boston’s unpredictable weather. It could be freezing rain or a beach day . . . no one knows!
Why run for NCOF: I love how wholesome the farm environment continues to be. Every staff member is knowledgeable and puts so much emphasis on the educational programs and teaching the younger generations. I’m excited to help raise money to further the maple sugaring educational programs for my kids and all others who have an interest!
Murphy is originally from North Andover, “although we moved ‘out west’ to Utah when I was a young child, so my home is also among the Wasatch front where I logged many peaceful and picturesque miles on mountain trails.” She is Professor of Music at Boston College, teaching courses in music theory and keyboard skills. For fun? “My livelihood is teaching and performing piano, but I would still say that I turn to music for fun. I also love to spend time with my family-hiking, camping skiing and traveling to new places. I love to read, go out to coffee with a friend and appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie (mine never turn out right).”
“I am the youngest of five children, so am lucky enough to have a big extended family of in-laws, nieces and nephews, who are spread across several continents. My husband Andy and I have a five-year old son named James. We also have a two-year old Golden Retriever named Bailey. We are happy to say that we have found additional family through good friends in Natick and the greater Boston area.”
Running experiences: As a child, I used to run with my older brother and sister when they were training for cross-country and something about the rhythm of my feet against the earth seemed to become a part of me as I grew up. I have always turned to running when I need to think, to celebrate, or need a space to be sad. It is a feeling of being completely free and yet, being in complete control.
I ran track and field and cross-country in high school and on a club team in college. My best friend Nicolina was always by my side through high school training and my Bassett Hound loved the speed work-outs, which nobody believes, but it’s true! My favorite run ever was Whitbey Island 10k race, Washington State
What you are most excited about by running in this year’s Marathon: Running through Natick and completing the race that has inspired me for years.
What you are not so excited about: Training in the cold!
Why run for NCOF: The Natick Community Organic Farm is a sanctuary from the noise of everyday life. It is a place that teaches us how to live in collaboration with nature, and with each other. I am honored to be a part of this community and support its mission.
Daehler is originally from Farmington, Maine. She works as a registered nurse-per diem. For fun, she “runs of course! Hangs out with friends and family. Watches her two boys play hockey! X-country ski/downhill ski, hike, bike . . . all the fun outdoorsy stuff! I also love to bake when I find time.”
“I’m the “baby of my family. I have one older brother who lives in Maine. My mom is re-married and lives in The Netherlands! My husband Josh and I have two amazing boys. Jacob is 9 ½ yrs. old and Chase is 5 ½ yrs. old.”
Running experiences: I started running in high school to build a good endurance/cardio base for cross country skiing; I raced. When I went to college I ran cross country for three years. I then stopped running for a period of time and really got back into it after my father committed suicide in 2013. I ran to help myself manage my anger, sadness, overall grief of losing someone that I absolutely loved and missed so much. It gave me a sense of security and strength and knowing that life must continue on. I ran a couple 5ks and then did my first Marathon in 2017, which was Boston! After Boston I was injured with two significant stress fractures and couldn’t run for 4-5 months. I slowly started back up and ran a half marathon this year and decided I wanted to run Boston again, so here I am!
Running buddies: Natick Runners!! PF 5:30 am workout buddy, my best running partner was my son Chase for the past several years; he would ride in the jogger stroller and keep me company, but he’s off at kindergarten this year!
What you are most excited about by running in this year’s Marathon: Running through Natick, seeing my family and friends cheering me on!
What you are not so excited about: Uncertainty of the weather. You never know what the day will hold! ‘May the wind be at our backs and cool temps with sunshine?’
Why run for NCOF: I’m excited that I can help give back to the farm. My family loves all the organic produce and coming to visit the farm animals. It reminds me of growing up in Maine and having this beautiful open space that’s peaceful and set apart from a bustling town. I love the values and mission that NCOF offers and I’m so happy to be raising funds in support of them. Team Farm all the way to Boston!
Lytle lives directly on the Boston Marathon route near Mile 10. He is originally from a small town in Indiana, and has lived all over the Midwest and East Coast before settling in the greater Boston area. When he is not running, he is running social media marketing for Dell—fittingly based in Hopkinton.
For fun: Running has been my ‘fun’ thing for a while now. Outside of running, I enjoy spending time with my best friends that also happen to live in my house—my wife Devon and my two incredibly silly kids, Bryn and Rhys.
Running experiences: Prior to this race, I’ve run three half marathons and countless smaller races. I didn’t start running until my late 20s but have worked hard to see faster finish times the older I’ve gotten. I PR’d my half marathon time by 8 minutes this past fall and hope to finish Boston in under 4 hours. I’ve always been a bit of a loner when it comes to training, but I recently joined the Natick Runners Group on Facebook and look forward to some training runs with my fellow Natick Community Organic Farm Team runners.
My favorite run ever: Recently I ran the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas for my 40th birthday. The course extends up and down Las Vegas Boulevard (“the Strip”) and is run in the dark under the bright neon lights. It’s safe to say that has been my favorite run, but my answer may change on 4/ 16.
What you are most excited about by running in this year’s Marathon: More than the finish line, I’m excited to pass by my house at Mile 10 and see my friends and family cheering me on—especially my children. Every marathon they run out to the curb and bang those incredibly noisy cowbells for the runners. This year, those cowbells will be for me—and they will be music to my ears.

What you are not so excited about: My honest answer is nothing. I’m excited about it all. I’m excited about the training, the fundraising, the running. I’ll be excited if it rains, if it snows, or if it’s a hot spring day.
Why run for NCOF: The NCOF has always been a special place for my family. Whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall, we love to spend our time, volunteer and enjoy the Farm and its activities. To be able to raise funds for such a special organization in my home town is an honor and privilege.
Natick Community Organic Farm (NCOF) is a 501 [c] 3 certified-organic farm providing productive open space, farm products, and hands-on education to people of all ages, year-round. Started in 1975 by the Town of Natick as means of supplying summer jobs to two dozen at-risk youth, NCOF has since blossomed into an award-winning, internationally recognized institution that has inspired dozens of community farms and farm-based education projects across the United States.