In the Spirit of Giving

Issue Date: 
January, 2020
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With monetary contributions from the Medway Lions, and the work of a handful of the newest members, 90 gift bags for the Medway Food Pantry at Mahon Circle were assembled and given this past December. Paul Galante, coordinator of the Medway Food Pantry, had a wonderful idea to give gift bags full of treats to the patrons who participate in the food pantry. His idea blossomed with the work of Marilyn and Rich Schiaroli and Mary and Dennis Allen. Gift bags were sewn, shopping was completed, and the bags were stuffed full of items that would ordinarily not be available through the food pantry. Real treats! And, if that was not enough, Paul’s wife, Rosemary Galante, and crafters at the Medway Senior Center made little snowmen full of goodies to go along with the gift bags.
Thanks to Paul for this great idea to serve those in need at a delicate time. And, many thanks to the Medway Lions for their contributions at the September, October and November meetings.