Scam Alert! Millis Amvets Does NOT Solicit Donations by Phone

J.D. O’Gara
Issue Date: 
May, 2018
Article Body: 

If you receive a call looking for a donation to the Millis Amvets Post 495 – it’s a scam.
“I am the current commander of Millis Amvets Post 495. We don’t ask for donations by phone,” says Michael Delaporta, of Millis. Delaporta was recently notified by a Medway resident that he had been solicited by telephone to donate to the post.
“I then contacted the Millis Police Department, who posted the scam alert on their Facebook page,” says Delaporta. “I also contacted the consumer affairs folks at Channel 10 Boston, and they interviewed me. They used it for a consumer alert segment on air:
“We have been working to keep the public informed on all scams through our Facebook account. The Amvets commander notified us immediately of the scam, and we pushed out the information as soon as we received it,” says Millis Police Chief Chris Soffayer. “If anyone feels they are being scammed, we encourage people to notify the police, so we can investigate.”
“I want to do everything in my power to alert residents to the scam, so they aren’t scammed by bad guys using our names and most importantly, if someone has been scammed, they can tell us who they made the check out to. That is the one piece of information the Medway resident couldn’t tell us as he refused to fall for the scam,” says Delaporta.
This is the first time in a few years the Amvets has heard of someone trying to falsely solicit funds. “It may have happened all the time, and nobody told us,” he says. Delaporta reiterates that the Millis Amvets Post 495 DOES NOT solicit donations by telephone and never would.
If you have been contacted by this scammer and have any details, please contact your local police department.