Route 109 Transportation Improvement Project Update Town of Medway

Issue Date: 
February, 2017
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The Town has received several questions about the traffic lights at the intersection of Main and Holliston Streets. To clarify, prior to the start of this project the lights operated via traffic responsive sensors in the road. Once drainage excavation took place this summer, those sensors were rendered inoperable. The lights now operate on a timer set in consultation with the Medway Police Department, Medway DPS, and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). The intersection will be on a timer until the completion of the Route 109 Transportation Improvement Project.
We have reached out to MassDOT regarding the timing concerns and will respond accordingly. Although the road is technically owned by the Town, the intersection is under the oversight of MassDOT through the remainder of the project. All signals timing, regardless of the locations and/or ownership, must meet State engineering safety standards. In addition, the controller box is somewhat limited in its programming capabilities regarding timing and may pose a challenge in trying to set up multiple sequences. As those who travel through that area know, the traffic patterns, specifically the heavy volumes, transition to different directions throughout the day. Mornings feature heavy volume eastbound, mid-afternoon is Holliston coming from Middle School area, and evenings are both Main Street westbound and Holliston Street heading south into the intersection. We are trying to establish a sequence pattern that accommodates all of those periods, yet without sensors is difficult. We will continue to monitor this, work with MassDOT, and respond in compliance with safety standards that the State requires.
Additionally, we did experience some problems with the trenches mostly in the area of Choate Park. The State worked with the contractor to re-overlay the bad spots. The contractor is responsible for the road through the winter.  We’ll be keeping an eye on this to make sure it stays safe. DPS also took the opportunity to re-paint some of the crosswalks on Main Street that had been disturbed by the road work in order to improve safety.