Preserving and Reusing the Valentine Estate

Cynthia Whitty
Issue Date: 
August, 2019
Article Body: 

Project Manager David Foster recently reported work done on the Valentine Estate house and 250-year-old barn on West Union Street (Rt. 135):
January-March: The barn was cleaned out and secured from the weather.
May: The chimney was repaired through the Veterans Construction Group.
June-July: The house was cleaned out and a 60-yard dumpster was filled.
June-ongoing: Trees were removed and land clearing has started to take place.

The Valentine Estate is an historic, almost eight-acre parcel of land at 133 West Union St. (Rt. 135). Hired last spring for a two-year position, Foster is project manager for both the Valentine Estate and the Warren District, consisting of three properties. His main duties are to keep the buildings and properties from falling into disrepair and facilitate a public feedback process to determine use for the space.
“It’s a fabulous place, the barn inside is unbelievable,” Foster said of the Valentine Estate. “I hope people will look back and say, ‘I’m glad we did that.’”
Public meetings will be held to hear residents’ thoughts on reuse of the house and barn. Some uses could be administrative offices, a cultural center or a town farm.
“Next steps depend on the information that is collected from the public meetings,” Foster said. For information on meetings or to provide feedback, contact Foster at [email protected], 508-726-2890.