Other Ways to Recycle in Holliston

Issue Date: 
July, 2019
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A Recycling sticker is now required to access the Marshall Street drop-off recycling area. You can get the free access sticker by going to the Treasurer’s Office at Town Hall. Your license and registration is required to get the sticker. Recycling Center accepts metals, cardboard, yard waste (including brush, leaves and grass clippings) and fluorescent bulbs. An additional $20 sticker is required for televisions, monitors, exercise equipment and ride on mowers. The facility is open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The facility is open to Holliston residents only and the following items are accepted:
Metals -Scrap metal, tire rims, bulky metal items such as swing sets and pipe, gas grills, bicycles, lawn mowers, sheet metal and cast iron. Please remove propane gas tanks, oil and gasoline, plastic, rubber, liquids, wood and glass.
Cardboard -any size cardboard can be recycled.·Yard waste and brush -items such as leaves, grass clippings and pine needles, branches, limbs, logs and other natural vegetation. Deposit them in the designated composting area in compostable bags or loose. Do not use plastic bags or mix in trash. Material from site development or commercial enterprises is not accepted.

CRTs -televisions, computer monitors and other CRTs. This does not include computers or stereos (put these items in your curbside trash containers). An additional $20 sticker is required to dispose of a television or monitor. Stickers can be purchased at the Treasurer’s office at Town Hall.
Fluorescent bulbs –please present these to the recycling area attendant. They can also be recycled at Holliston True Value Hardware, 58 Central Street
Plastic grocery bags, plastic newspaper bags and other clear or light-colored plastic bags can be recycled at grocery stores. Click here for detailson all types of film plastic acceptable through store drop-off.
Clothing items can be brought to the Planet Aid collection bin located at Holliston Oil Service, Inc., on Woodland Street and the Saint Vincent DePaul bin behind Saint Mary’s Church.
Gas grill propane tanks can be returned to businesses that refill them for a small fee, including EN-R-GY Saver, 1470 Washington Street, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday (there is a tank disposal fee).
Motor oil can be recycled at the place of purchase.

Mercury thermometers and thermostats can be exchanged for digital thermometers at Town Hall, Selectmen’s Office, 703 Washington Street.
Composting kits are available for purchase through the Selectmen’s Office at Town Hall for $22.
Plastic plant pots and flat trays can be recycled in bins at Weston Nurseries, 91 East Main Street, Hopkinton. Rechargeable batteries (cell phones, cameras, power tools) are accepted at Holliston True Value Hardware at 58 Central Street. Other batteries can be recycled at Home Depot, Lowes or Best Buy.
Wire hangers can be taken to dry cleaning establishments.