Norwood Girls Lacrosse

By Christopher Tremblay Staff Sports Writer
Issue Date: 
June, 2017
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Many of the Norwood High School girls lacrosse players are not year round participants of the sport; they dust off their sticks in mid to late April and immediately return them to the closet as soon as the season has run its course. Mustang Coach Chuck Allen is looking to change that mentality.
“We’re trying to build a program here and it’s not going to happen overnight," Allen said. "The girls are working hard, while trying to compete in the Bay State League. We’re looking to improve and get the youth more involved in the sport.”
Last spring, the Mustangs were only able come out on the winning side four time,s and although under .500 thus far this season, they have already racked up three wins. Whether winning or losing, the girls of Norwood are not quitting.
“From start to finish these girls are working extremely hard no matter what the score is," the Norwood coach said. "They are playing with class and I’m hoping that they get better as the season goes on. Everyone wants to win and winning seems to solve everything, but it’s not always possible. In addition to athletics, you need to learn about life.”
Looking to lead the Mustangs on the field this season are tri-captains Rory Lake (defensive captain), Coley Hayes (midfielder captain) and Noah Rachels (attack captain). These leaders in different ways, but each athlete sets the tone for their respective part of the field. As different as they are, all three captains are the first to the field and the last to leave; showing the underclassmen what it takes to be successful.
In regards to goal scoring the Mustangs are led. by Hayes with Rachels and Allie McDonough right behind her. McDonough, along with Erinn Wagner, are two incoming freshman that have defiantly helped the team this spring. Wagner is a two way player who can get it done on offense as well as defense, while McDonough brings a lot of energy to the field.
“I knew a little about Allie before she got here, once she did I nicknamed her the Energizer Bunny, she just continues to run all over the place,” Allen said. “She’s a good hockey player with skills and just needs to get bigger and stronger.”
When the team started to assemble for the beginning of the season, Allen found himself in dire need of the last line of defense.
“We had no goalie, no one," the coach said. "Sophomore Jess Keller stepped up and accepted the position. She volunteered to play the position on the high school level with no experience whatsoever, but as I’ve always said, lacrosse goalies are nuts.”
Along with Lake, junior Julia Higgins will be the mainstays patrolling the field in front of Keller hoping to keep the ball away from Keller as much as possible.
As Norwood moves through the season, Allen is hoping that the team can accomplish the few goals he has set for them. He is looking for Norwood to be competitive each and every game, while keeping a positive attitude.
“This team cares a lot for each other, they're a close knit group,” Allen said. “They enter each game thinking they can walk off the field with a win – that’s says a lot.”