National Citizen Survey: The Town Wants Your Feedback

Cynthia Whitty
Issue Date: 
October, 2019
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The Town of Ashland is conducting its second community-wide survey through the National Research Center (NRC) ( The survey gathers input that will help shape the town’s future by obtaining residents’ experience with town government.
Three years ago the town completed its first community-wide survey. With a 33 percent response rate, appointed and elected officials were able to use the data to identify community priorities. The data highlighted the importance of a more walkable town, which is why the town has focused on the downtown streetscape project, constructing the Sudbury Riverwalk and building and implementing plans for complete streets and sidewalk. In addition, the data indicated that residents wanted to continue to preserve open space. Therefore, over the last three years the town has worked to preserve over 300 additional acres of open space. It was also clear from the results that Ashland’s strong schools are vitality important to our community. The town is proud of the strong partnership it has with the schools and continues to strongly support the enhancement of its educational system.
This survey will once again help the town determine its focus, analyze its progress and shape its long-term strategic planning goals.
If your household is one of the 2,700 randomly selected to participate, you will receive a letter and reminder postcard asking you to participate by completing an online survey.
“We urge you to participate if your household is chosen,” Town Manager Michael Herbert said. “Taking the time to complete this survey will be time well-spent, as we are looking forward to once again utilizing the results to help benchmark our progress and shape the future of Ashland.”
The letter and postcard will provide selected residents with a link that will bring them to the survey. Responses will be completely anonymous. If residents have are any questions or need assistance with the survey, they may contact Jenn Ball, assistant town manager, at 508-532-7901 or [email protected].
“If anyone needs assistance,” Ball said, “we can schedule a time to walk through the survey tool. It is vitally important that we receive a diverse perspective so we ensure it is reflective of the entire community.”
If your household is not randomly selected, you may still provide feedback by participating in the “Opt-in” survey that will be posted on the town’s website,, during the first week of October.
The survey will close mid-October. The town anticipates receiving the results by the end of the calendar year.