Natick Poets of the Month

Marie Coll
We have again received many wonderful poetry submissions this month. Please enjoy these poems by local readers.
Issue Date: 
December, 2018
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Winter is often feared and so

See Pickerel Pond’s nearly
bare trees

Snowflakes puffed cotton balls
block window screens

Winds whistle as squeal sounds
filter remaining leaves

Ice reports say “Safe to Skate” but
doubts remain

Listen as late December snow tempts
children to search hills to sled

Slugging through snow mounds of
road blocks

Children love the mounds and climb
to see if the top is stable

Shout as feet sink and icy legs crush
tender flakes

Shouts and anticipation promise

While perimeters squeeze
road travel

Will it end soon? How deep will it
bury dreams and hopes

A Christmas Soujourn
By David Chersonsky

During Christmas time,
We walk outside
We get out, in the snow
And take a good look about,
Enjoying the wonders of all His Creation.
We watch and we wander,
Along this cold path.
We take one step forward each moment in time.
Taking our pause
We cast about
Expectantly waiting
For some such Creation
Or creative creatures to be revealed.
We continue to look to the gray sky,
The question evermore: “Why?”
In time we are given
More strength to endure
The hard climb ahead.
Searching for Beauty and Grace,
We oft end up despairing
But, if we take the time,
Many times we can find,
Small joys in the creatures we spy along our way-
We see a tiny red squirrel furtively climbing a pine tree laden with snow,
We see a gray squirrel skittering through golden oak leaves, furiously digging, searching for its hidden acorns,
We see a quick chipmunk dashing about,
We see a great marmot hidden in a cleft within the mountainside
And we chuckle at our Creator’s sense of sly humor.