Mia Ferzoco Moves Up as Mentor in Millis Volleyball

Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
Mia Ferzoco has had a chance to grow as an athlete and as a leader in her time with Millis Volleyball.
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October, 2019
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Growing up Millis’ Mia Ferzoco had been involved in gymnastics since the early age of three, but by the seventh grade, she would find a new sport, and gymnastics would soon become a thing of the past. Thanks to her friend, Hailey Chilsolm, Ferzoco would be introduced to volleyball.
“Gymnastics was an individual sport, where volleyball is all about the team atmosphere,” the Millis senior said. “After finding volleyball, I decided to stop gymnastics in ninth grade as it was very time consuming and my school work was getting harder.”
Soon after she found volleyball, Ferzoco joined the Blast, a club team out of Lincoln, Rhode Island. Taking part with the Blast as well as playing on the high school team helped the newly found volleyball player improve her skills.
During her freshman and sophomore seasons, Ferzoco saw the majority of her playing time with the junior varsity team with a handful of games coming here and there on the varsity level. By her junior year, she was starting for the Mohawks as the team’s setter in addition to being named a captain for the first time. Being named a captain was something totally new and very strange to her.
“Being named captain my junior year was a great honor, but it was something that was totally out of my comfort zone, and I had to become a leader to the rest of the team,” the now two-time senior captain said. “It was very nerve racking at first, but I eventually felt comfortable with the girls on the hand, especially when they were helping me through it.”
Ferzoco, who had already played four seasons with the Mohawk volleyball program, had seen how the upper classmen were enjoying the sport and that was something that she wanted to do as well. The now senior setter originally found her position to be somewhat challenging.
“Again, being a setter for the team took me out of my comfort zone as I had to be one of the loudest players on the court and pushing the other girls,” she said. “While it was not easy at first, I believe it was for the best as I am now a totally different person when I step onto the court.”
Although Ferzoco didn’t see herself as a team leader, her coach certainly did.
“What can I say about a kid who just gets it, she is a born leader but that doesn’t stop her from pushing to learn and achieve more,” Millis Volleyball Coach Lisa Farese said. “She works each moment of each day to better not only herself, but those around her as well. She may not be the oldest or most experienced athlete in the gym, but she bridged the gap between all of our teams.”
Now as a senior, Ferzoco has to remember what it was like when she was an underclassmen and wants to use that to her advantage in preparing the younger girls on this year’s team.
“I need to stay loud and positive, even if I’m not playing at my best,” she said. “It can be tough at times, but I have to remember that the younger girls look up to me so I need to stay positive and keep the energy high.”
Once she steps onto the court, Ferzoco may seem to be all in and serious, but at times she wipes the seriousness away and is all smiles.
“I often find myself thinking how do I coach the philosophy of working hard, while being willing to take risks. We are always looking for progression and not perfection,” the Mohawk Coach said. “But then because of Mia I am reminded that we just need to have fun. She puts in the work on and off the court, but makes sure she opens her arms to silliness and that makes our team a family.”
Last fall Millis finished the regular season with a 10-10 record and found themselves playing in the Division 3 Central Volleyball Tournament. The Mohawks were able to defeat Bellingham 3-0 in the round, but unfortunately meet up with Whitinsville-Christian, the eventual Sectional Champions, in the next round.
With the volleyball team advancing into the post-season Ferzoco was not only excited about the opportunity that the team had but with her own play.
“I felt that I had played really well last year,” she said. “But being the setter my success is because of those around you, you need the whole team to do well.”
As the season gets underway the senior setter knows that it’s not going to be an easy campaign this fall.
“We’re in a rebuilding year, and I don’t want the younger girls to get discouraged,” she said. “I want the younger girls to learn, but also keep volleyball fun.”
Despite being her only varsity returner this season the Coach is anxious to get things started and see what her setter brings to the table this year.
“I am super excited to see what she can do with our team,” Farese said. “Now that she is not only the oldest, but most experienced player on the court.”
In addition to keeping volleyball fun, Ferzoco is hoping to play a competitive game while also enjoying her senior year. Once the season ends, the senior would like to continue playing the sport on the collegiate level, but most likely on a club level.