Medway Knitters - 10 Years of Keeping Community Warm

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January, 2017
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The Medway Monday Morning Knitters group is entering its 10th year of knitting and crocheting hats, mittens, scarves and other items for the less fortunate in the area. They have also donated many hats for the homeless in the greater Boston area, along with hats and blankets for the newborns at local hospitals and lap blankets for woman undergoing chemo therapy at area hospitals. Other items have been sent to food pantries and shelters in our area.
Another group meets on Friday morning at the senior center. The combined donations from both groups are over 10,000 items since its start. Donations of new yarn, appropriate for our projects are always very welcome and can be dropped off at the Senior Center on Oakland St in Medway. Please identify them for the Monday Morning Knitters.