March Happenings at the Franklin Historical Museum

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March, 2020
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The Franklin Historical Museum will celebrate the town’s 242nd March 2nd birthday with cake and a prize drawing. All residents of the town of Franklin who share the same birthday have been invited to join us on Sunday March 1st at 1 p.m. for the festivities. Franklin was incorporated during the early years of our country’s war for Independence. Less than two years after our young country declared independence from the Crown, the West Precinct of Wrentham declared independence and became the town of Franklin, March 2nd, 1778. As many people know, the town was originally to be known as Exeter, named after a town in England, possibly where many Wrentham residents originated from. But before the petition could be presented to the Dedham Court, our founding fathers changed the name to Franklin, to honor the great statesman Benjamin Franklin who had just secured support from France in our battle for independence from England.
The town has flourished and grown, first as a farming community, then a manufacturing town, and today is home to nearly 32,000 people. All residents are invited to stop between 1-4 p.m.
The SECOND SUNDAY SPEAKER SERIES, Join us in March for a thoughtful journey through the art of learning a new creative process.  Phil Grove will use his current investigation into woodturning to reveal the stages of learning a new skill, craft or art form in the internet era.  His current works of taking logs and transforming them into beautiful and useful items such as hand-made, hardwood bowls will provide a real-life backdrop for the journey from incompetent to competent revealing the stages and their characteristics.  He will also review the creativity boundary and how to achieve higher results through intention.  The interactive session is designed to help you with your own creative journey.  Not only will you learn about the major steps of woodturning, but you will also get a view into the thought processes behind the scenes and how they change as one masters a creative skill.
Phil Grove is a member of the Central New England Woodturners and has been a maker for most his life mastering a range of materials and skills including plastics, wood, oil paints, photography, electronics (microprocessors), and web design. 
Phil’s presentation is Sunday March 9th at 1:10 p.m.. The museum is located at 80 West Central Street. We are ADA compliant, admission is always free and donations are gratefully accepted.