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Bella Caggiano
Norwood students invited into the 8th Annual Morrill Memorial Library Essay Contest!
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April, 2019
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What character would you choose to be yur BFF (best friend forever), and why? If you have an answer to this question, write it down and submit it to the 8th Annual Morrill Memorial Library Essay Contest!
For the past seven year, Norwood residents have played along and responded to numerous questions posed by the librarian staff. This year, the contest is open for students from 3rd to 8th grade, and prizes are available for the winning essays!
Submissions from Norwood students must include an essay of 1,000 words or less, typed and double spaced, with an entry form. Submissions must be submitted by Monday, April 15 to Nancy Ling of the outreach department or by email at, [email protected].
In addition to bragging rights, winners will be awarded in each category. The first, second and third prizes are $35, $25 and $10 dollar gift cards to Barnes & Noble, in that order.
The contest is categorized into three levels:
Level 1: grades 3-4
Level 2: grades 5-8
Winners will be chosen from a panel of unbiased judges who will evaluate and select the essays according to five equally-weighted categories:
• Address Prompt (or Topic)
• Development & Organization
• Creativity
• Voice
• Craft
For more information or to obtain an entry form, stop by the library, or visit Many thanks to the Andrew and Ernest J. Boch Memorial Fund for its generous donation for this exciting literary contest.
Good luck, and happy writing!