Lighten the Financial Burden

Kara Shea
Issue Date: 
February, 2019
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The Norwood Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars® (NSF Dollars for Scholars) is a local chapter of Scholarship America®, a nationwide nonprofit foundation that supports academic success within the community.
Obtained from their website- “the purpose of NSF Dollars for Scholars is to assist and encourage residents of Norwood to obtain post-secondary cultural, vocational or professional education. NSF Dollars for Scholars will accomplish this purpose by being the entity to which individuals, organizations and businesses can make contributions, bequests and endowments. The contributions, as well as income from invested funds, will be used for the awarding of scholarships to residents of the Town of Norwood. All contributions are tax deductible.”
‘The foundation is comprised of many parents of children who have received scholarships in the past; and they provide scholarships to Norwood residents who are graduating from high school and are continuing on to further their education or career. Each are awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement,” Norwood Chapter President Patty Star stated.
By raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments, providing assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process, and distributing scholarships each year, the committee aims to help hometown students meet the ever-increasing costs of college and graduate school through scholarships funded entirely through contributions from Norwood residents.
Consequently, since the NSF Dollars for Scholars 1985 inception, it has raised over $1,300,000 in aid money to over 1,100 students from the Town of Norwood thus far.
In order to raise these funds, the Scholarship Committee holds fundraisers. Such as, their next fundraiser will be held March 22, and they will be hosting a medium at the Norwood Elks.
However, fundraising is only one way to raise money. In fact, anyone who is interested in funding a new scholarship need only contact the committee to set up the amount, and what it is for. Possibly in memory of a lost loved one, or a specific skill to which they believe should be recognized.
After all, the foundation is in place to recognize the success of students, and award them compensation for outstanding achievements.
For students interested in applying to these scholarships, the application process happens between February 1 and ends on April 1. All local high schools are notified in advance of the deadline.
While many who are granted the scholarships are seniors in high school, undergraduate college students may also apply. The foundation also sends out annual letters to appeal to each of the recipients and their families.
Although, not every applicant will receive a scholarship, those that do receive a minimum of a $1000 scholarship.
With the cost of secondary education rising rapidly, foundations like the NSF Dollars for Scholars lighten the financial burden on students, and ultimately support them in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.