Laasya Thatavarty, Ashland Golf

Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
Issue Date: 
August, 2019
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For the second year in a row Ashland’s Laasya Thatavarty qualified to play in the Massachusetts Girls High School South Division Sectional Golf Tournament. The soon to be senior come this fall shot an 86 once again to grab a tie at 12th place on the leaderboard out of 60 female golfers. Last spring as a sophomore she also shot an 86 to grab a tenth place finish out of 77 golfers.
“Laasya has always been a solid golfer from her freshman season on and her scores have counted in every match,” Ashland Coach Mike Roman said. “She works extremely hard and takes part in clubs to improve her game. For the past two years she has qualified to take part in the State Tournament and has finished in the top two-thirds each year.”
In addition to making the Sectional Tournament two straight years Thatavarty has also been a Clocker captain as well. While she is currently playing at high level on the golf course, things have not always come that easily for her.
Entering Ashland High School she found herself intimidated when going out for the golf team.
“It was very scary for me, not only being one of the youngest players but a girl trying out for a predominately boys team,” she said. “The only other girl on the team was senior captain Maggie Duich, but she too was intimidating to me and I was afraid to approach her.”
However, once Thatavarty made the golf team she seemed to fit in with the rest of the golfers. In fact, she soon found that she was a regular top four golfer for Ashland and was eventually paired with Duich. That season as a freshman she shot in the mid 40’s through nine holes and over the last two seasons she lowered her score into the low 40’s.
Following her freshman campaign Thatavarty, who doesn’t take part in any other sports, decided to get membership to Bosse in Sudbury where she could take part in golf year round, whether it was on the actual course or indoors using simulators during the winter months to improve her game.
“At that point I wanted to practice a lot more and play as much as I could as I thought that golf might be something that I could peruse in college,” she said.
With the idea of potentially playing golf ion the collegiate level Thatavarty decided to take her game to the Core Academy in Natick, another indoor / outdoor facility. Here she was looking to take her game to the next level.
“I really believe that my game completely changed when I came to Core,” she said. “The simulators really helped me by giving me a real life look at my shot and I was able to adjust things from there. I have a net in my garage and although I can work on my swing I can’t really see how far it actually goes and where like a simulator.”
As she gets ready for her fourth and final season with Ashland Thatavarty is hoping that her golf game continues to rise. This summer she is not only continuing to golf at Core, but she is looking to take part in as many tournament that she possible can. A few weeks prior to this writing she shot an all-time low 76 and is hoping to continue the trend throughout the summer in hopes of lowering her handicap. She will also be taking part on the junior golf scene, where players will be ranked nationally over two-day tournaments.
Coach Roman is looking for his senior golfer to come into next season and keep putting up the types of numbers she has over the last few seasons, consistent scores to help the Clockers win.
Thatavarty will continue to improve upon her game while she will also be looking at colleges where she may take golf to the next level.
“At this point, I do not have anything in particular yet, my options are all still open,” Thatavarty said. “I’m looking at mostly Northeast schools so that I can stay close to home, but I do have a few, like Louisiana, further south.
If the incoming senior can once again qualify for the Sectionals she should have no problems getting into a school with a female golf team looking for a talented golfer.