Holliston Selectmen to Establish Committee on New Septic Solution for Town Hall

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October, 2019
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Last month, the Holliston Select Board tackled the issue of the overflowing septic system at Holliston Town Hall. The system has been prone to overflow, even overflowing onto Washington Street last month, and it has needed to be pumped before events. When renovations were done in 2001, an overhaul of the septic was recommended by the Board of Health, but was not completed.
The Holliston Select Board voted unanimously to establish a five-person committee to research and make a recommendation as to a solution to put in a new septic system. The group also voted to discontinue any new event business at Town hall until the problem is solved.  
“We’re going to honor any events that are already booked,” says Mark Ahronian, “but we’re not taking on any more events at this time.”