Here's to Norwood's Hall of Famers

Kara Shea
Pictured left to right: Coach Tom Lamb, Luke Marsters '98, Susan Packard '80, Coach Cathy Shachoy, Sandy Sansone for Dick Sansone; special contributor, John Foley '84, James Jessick '61 (back), Anne Marie Smith for Don Smith '61, Tayla Ryan '06, Brian McDonough, NHSAHF President
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March, 2018
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Athletics are a large part of the town of Norwood. From the student athletes, to
the parents, teachers, coaches, and fans- there is something to be said about this Town's fantastic sports programs. They offer a positive outlet to a lot of people; and it is in the truest sense, a camaraderie that spans generations.
What many people do not know, however, is that Norwood has their own Hall of Fame. The Norwood High School Athletics (NHSA), created and implemented this Hall of Fame to commemorate and celebrate those athletes that have passed through Norwood High School’s halls, and have left a lasting impact. However, it isn’t just athletes that are recognized.
“The Hall of Fame is important to recognize athletes, teams, and coaches who have contributed to the success of Norwood High athletics programs.” NHSA President and former NHS Athletic Director Brian McDonough explained.
Many of the inductees have made significant contributions to their sport. Individuals have been chosen based on strong credentials, coaches have been chosen due to winning multiple league or state titles, and teams have been chosen because they have won state championships. Currently, there have been 11 teams and nine contributors from the community that have been inducted, along with the individual athletes.
To be nominated for the Norwood High School Hall of Fame is a true honor, but there is a full process before one can be accepted into this prestigious club. The nominations are taken throughout the year, and anyone is free to nominate a candidate. The committee is currently accepting nominations for 2018 inductees. This nomination window will last until April 30. Once nominated, the name stays in the database even if they are not selected that year as they may be selected in the future. A selection committee, a smaller section of the overall committee, reviews candidates each year to determine the new inductees.
McDonough explained the requirements for nomination.
“To be nominated, athletes and teams must have graduated at least ten years ago," McDonough said. "Coaches must be retired for at least seven years.” Most individual inductees are former Boston Globe or Herald All Scholastic, or State or New England Champions in individual sports; and most coaches have significant wins or have League or State titles."
In November of 2017, the Hall of Fame inducted Tom Lamb, Luke Marsters,
Susan Packard, Cathy Shachoy, Dick Sansone, John Foley, James Jessick, Don Smith,
and Tayla Ryan. For every one of these inductees, this process was a great trip down
memory lane. James Jessick, who was a graduate of the class of 1961, was touched by the tribute.
“It is a great honor to be selected by the Norwood High School Athletic Hall of Fame
Committee," Jessick said. "It made me think back on many fond memories, friendships, and athletic experiences that I had in high school. I accept this with sincere gratitude and I appreciate the opportunity to reflect back to the glory days.”
That statement was consistently heard from of all of the inductees, and it is a great reminder that Norwood impacts so many. There have been those chosen to be a part of the Hall of Fame that graduated in 1922, all the way to 2006; and it just goes to show how this award can influence and touch generations of graduates and faculty.
Bud Dower, Class of 1922, and Tayla Ryan, Class of 2006, may have the better half of a century dividing them- but it is through Norwood’s athletic program where they have a common bond. It is a bond of comradeship and friendship that one can only feel when living in Norwood; and it is this bond that somehow links us all together.