Free Online Physical Therapy Workshops Offered by Local Practice

J.D. O’Gara
Shown, Dr. Patt, left, of Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine demonstrates an online physical therapy workshop with patient Allie, right. The practice, which is still seeing patients, has taken its free community workshops online to socially distance. Two are scheduled this month.
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June, 2020
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She’s been practicing in Franklin for three decades, and it’s not unusual for Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz, who owns Professional Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, to conduct free physical therapy workshops for the community. The era of Covid-19, however, has turned these free classes into online virtual workshops. The first free online workshops centered on shoulder pain and rotator cuff pain. Two workshops will also take place in June.
“We normally do free community service workshops in the clinic, but we decided to try this route instead for now,” says Dr. Raybuck, who says she enjoys offering these free classes and a straightforward, honest approach with the community, building trust. Later, she says, many return to seek services should they have a physical issue.
“What we find is that a well-educated consumer is our best patient, and so spending the time educating people , answering questions and basically giving them information to help them, when they’re ready to do what they’ve decided to do, helps them to know and trust us. When they know and trust us, they’re more likely to come and see us when there’s a problem.”
To find out more about the next virtual workshop, visit or call call (508) 528-6100 to sign up.