Franklin Track’s 1-2 Punch

Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
Talented runners Lindsey Morse (above) and Jill Fenerty (left) have taken off in terms of scoring for Franklin girls’ indoor track this year. Contributed photos.
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March, 2020
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The Franklin girls’ indoor track team is made up of a bunch of talented athletes, but Coach Paul Trovato is lucky to have two girls in Lindsey Morse and Jill Fenerty that have stepped up and basically carried the team this winter. What’s even more amazing is that junior Morse is in her first season of indoor track, while Fenerty is only a sophomore competing in only her second year.
“These girls have been carrying the bulk of the load during our performances,” the Panther Coach said. “It’s immeasurable what they have accomplished in a variety of events. They cover six of our 10 events scoring wise.”
Morse, who was previous a basketball player for Franklin, does the high hurdles, high jump and the long jump, while Fenerty primarily covers the 55 meters and the 300 but can also high and long jump. In addition to their individual events, both run the 4 x 200 as well with Fenerty also seeing some action occasionally at the 4 x 400.
After playing lacrosse in the spring, Morse transitioned to spring track and then eventually decided to push basketball aside for her first season at winter track. Thus far, the junior has had relative success high jumping a best of 5’ 3”, long jumping 15’ 7” and running a 9.54 second time in the hurdles.
“I had a lot of friends who were doing spring track, so I decided to try out for spring track and found that I really enjoyed the environment as well as the competitiveness,” Morse said. “This year, I was looking to try something other than basketball so since I had enjoyed running during the spring season, I came out for the winter team. Track allows me to focus on my personal events while still being part of a team.”
Although she is now doing track in the spring and winter, Morse continues to play field hockey in the fall. Fenerty also plays field hockey as well as lacrosse in the spring and only runs track during the winter season. Unlike Morse, the sophomore had an influence in running as her older sister Julia was runner for the Panthers.
“I originally started doing field events like the long jump (personal best 14” 11”) and the high jump (4’ 10”), but during my first varsity race, the coach had me run the 300. It quickly became my race, as the mentality and physicality was really rewarding,” Fenerty said. “I prefer sprinting to the field events, and although only a sophomore, I hope to continue to run the rest of my high school career
According to Trovato, he considers the duo Franklin’s one-two punch in terms of scoring points for the team.
“Lindsey has already jumped 5’ 3” in the high jump and is only about an inch of the school record in only her first year and seems to raise her level of competitiveness each week,” Trovato said. “We look to Jill to score in the 55 and 300 as well as the 4 x 200, but we can also bump her up to the 4 x 400 (currently second in the Hockomock League) depending on the school we are up against.”
While the Coach is consistently looking for the duo to score points on a regular basis, it does put some pressure on his young stars.
“There is a lot of pressure to score in each event, especially the relays, as you don’t want to let your teammates down, but it also makes me run faster,” Fenerty said. “We all run as a team, but with the Coach relying on us is an accomplished feeling, especially to be an underclassman and to do it with Lindsey is cool.”
Morse agrees with her teammate on the pressure that has been put on her shoulders, but doesn’t let it bother her.
“There is pressure to score, but it’s something that motivates me to do well,” Morse said. “Individually, you want to do your best in each of your events for yourself, but also to help the team.”
Participating in winter track for the first time, Morse is looking to improve in her events by practicing and listening to her Coaches advice and apply these tips to her routine. Taking part in the relays has really been an eye-opening experience for the first timer.
“I love the dynamics of the relays, four girls with one common goal,” Morse said. “It’s more team-based than any of my other events. All the girls are underclassman and are people I wouldn’t usually hang out with.”
Although both girls are looking to improve in their individual events, they are also working on a common goal; to get Franklin to the top of the Hockomock League and onto the Sectionals and States.