Franklin Pride Kicks Off a New Year

Thank you to Ruby’s Ice Cream Truck for Coming to Pride’s Meet and Greet! We are a Group of 28 children! 
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October, 2019
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Franklin Pride is a group of boys and girls ages 4-9, created and developed by Franklin Mass. Lion, Cheryl Hobbs, to let children learn through crafts and guest speakers about what our community does for them and how we help our community. We do not earn badges or pay to join. This is supported by The Dance Studio and The Franklin, Mass. Lions. We meet every other Thursday at The Dance Studio.  

Although, this year, the group is full, each year end we have available sign-ups for Pride. We are a nonprofit organization. Included in our community projects are: Donations to Franklin Food Pantry, collecting NEW toys/money for “Toys for Tots” through Franklin Police, Letters to Veterans, Collecting Candy for Troops and so much more. To donate, please contact Cheryl at [email protected]