FHS Students Buddy Up with Tri-County to Prepare for Prom

J.D. O’Gara
Tri-County cosmetology student Grace Kaluzny, in 11th grade, puts finishing touches on Meaghan Harmon’s (FHS 9th grader) prom hairdo.
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April, 2018
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On Friday, March 16th, seven Franklin High School students, members of the Best Buddies program, headed over to the cosmetology shop at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School, where fellow students helped them get ready for their annual prom. The prom, attended by about 80 of the 150 students involved in the program, took place at the Franklin Elks Club, which donated the space to the event this year.
The Best Buddies prom has been taking place for about 15 years, says FHS Prevocational job coach Carol Merchant. At one time, she says, other towns’ Best Buddies program participated, but since the Best Buddies program in Franklin has grown so large, it now includes just Franklin students.
According to its page on the Franklin High School website, “Best Buddies is an international organization designed to match students with disabilities with their typical peers to create one-to-one friendships.” To learn more about Best Buddies in Massachusetts, visit https://www.bestbuddies.org/massachusetts/.