The Artist Will See You Now

Sean Sullivan
Issue Date: 
October, 2019
Article Body: 

Natick Artist Open Studios is coming soon to a neighbor near you.
Now in its 19th year, this annual staple of Natick creative culture is a semi-self-guided tour of the town’s artistic talent. The event will take place Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th - both days from 11:00am to 5:00pm.
To help you navigate this array of Natick artists, the NAOS passport (map) lists the locations of workshops and wares on display, and can be obtained at any open studio.
But like the European Union, you don’t need documentation to visit and experience the culture and creativity on display by your neighbors. Feel free to explore and discover at will. Most open studios throughout Natick will be identifiable by an outdoor placard bearing the NAOS logo.
Your official passport, however, also serves as an entry ticket into a drawing to be held at the close of the event. The winner will receive a gift certificate toward the purchase of any NAOS item that caught his or her eye during their travels.
NAOS offers the opportunity to meet and interact with your creative neighbors, see their studios, learn about particular processes, and even buy works from the very hands that made them. It doesn’t get any more local than that.
Larger, more centrally-located venues will host groups of artists, so you can peruse various pieces and meet their makers in one, convenient place. For a list of these group sites, visit
The artwork on display will be made up of many mediums, including painting, photography, jewelry, sculpture, woodwork and ceramics - just to name a few. 
Natick resident and artist Jill Soloway, a ceramicist, is a mainstay of the NAOS market and has been honing her clay craft for about ten years. So much so, that Soloway’s home-based studio now features a large kiln to fire her functional form of art.
“Clay is very versatile,” Soloway said. “It allows me to make both function pieces that can be enjoyed in everyday life as well as purely aesthetic pieces.”
Stop by Soloway’s studio, located at 20 Cooper Road in Natick, during the days and hours of NAOS. To learn the location of the many other talented and local artists involved, get your passport!