Another Illustration of Norwood Coming Together

Issue Date: 
June, 2020
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Last month the members of the Jain Center of Greater Boston (JCGB) generoucly collected and donated approximately $5000 from their members for the COVID-19 relief fund for the Norwood Food Pantry. The temple is located on 559 Nichols St., in Norwood.

Haresh Tamboli (President of JCGB), Premal Vora (Owner of the local print shop), and other members of the committee can be seen in the photos bringing food boxes to the food pantry.
The JCGB bought this temple over ten years ago from the Jewish community. As a spirit of goodwill, they have happily preserved all the Jewish symbols in the temple. Jainism is a very small religion in terms of population from India. Their main principal is practice of non-violence towards all living beings.